My goal is to provide a hands-on approach to commercial projects.
Over the years I gained experience on a variety of projects: 
- visual identities for brands. On websites, social media & print
- lettering & Illustration
- motion graphics and video editing
Every project is a new exploration, therefore pencil and paper are the starting tools for each collaboration as their flexibility follows the imaginative flow.
The studio is driven by a never-ending investigation of typography and design heritage through a contemporary lens, taking strong influences from Art Deco, pop art, architecture and crafts.
Nora is an artist. 
Her Ideas are beautiful and creative and she is the best addition we could ever have found to our digital world, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, our Website and so much more.
I am so happy to have Nora Bruno in our team and can highly recommend her to everybody that searches for professional graphics paired with incredibly creative Ideas. - Alex -
About Nora
I trained as a graphic designer & illustrator.
I believe every project requires its unique perspective and personality, therefore I tackle each commission with a manual approach.
This led to the exploration of lettering & printmaking as design tools in branding, illustration & motion graphics projects.
I studied typography and printmaking, with a BA in Graphic Communication and an MA in Art and Design from Birmingham City University (UK).
Before the creation of my studio practice, I spent time building my skills and expertise as a designer, by working for a variety of branding agencies, off-set printers and printmaking studios in both, the UK and Italy. 
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