The studio was born from our passion for typography and calligraphy. 
We create custom-made lettering artworks and illustrations for editorial projects, brands, small businesses and private homes. 
We look at lettering heritage, to learn, get inspired and recognize its relevance in contemporary projects.
"She was able to gently suggest different ideas and interesting proposals. A surprising, refined, elegant and fresh work. A work done by hand with precision and refinement. Thank you very much because with your work you have made a very important moment of our life even more special." - Debora
Lettering and brand design don't simply mean we'll create a logo with your brand name. 
Our process is a collaborative investigation of your project purpose, values, goals, audience and more. 
We design custom logotypes, letter marks and visual identities around the outcomes of this investigation. Each unique message deserves a unique set of tools: digital and on paper.
The main purpose of our process is to give you the tools to communicate with your audience. 
"Nora is a super talented artist, who has the ability to create tailor-made designs to suit ANY individual or business! After just a few words, she was able to design logos/promo materials which represented me AND my funked-up art perfectly. She's my go-to for it ALL." - Eloise
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