We believe each project is a new collaboration. 
Through dialogue, we learn how to convey our client's story visually. 
We ask the right questions, and together we create a strategy: a visual language your ideal customer will immediately understand.
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Lettering design
We create custom-made lettering artworks and illustrations for editorial projects, brands, small businesses & events. 
We look at lettering's history to learn, get inspired & see its relevance in current projects.
"She was able to gently suggest different ideas and interesting proposals. A surprising, refined, elegant and fresh work. 
A work done by hand with precision and refinement. 
Thank you very much because with your work you have made a very important moment of our life even more special." - Debora
Design for brands
Branding doesn't simply mean we'll create a logo with your brand name. Our process is a collaborative investigation of your project purpose, values, goals, audience & more. 
We design custom logotypes, letter marks & visual identities around the outcomes of this analysis. Each individual message deserves a unique set of tools: digital & on paper.
With this process, we aim to provide you with the tools to best communicate with your audience. 
Prints & merch
We print for people and brands, mainly on textile, paper and wood surfaces. We use water-based colours and work on keeping our printing process as sustainable as possible. 
"Nora is a super-talented artist, who has the ability to create tailor-made designs to suit ANY individual or business! 
After just a few words, she was able to design logos/promo materials which represented me and my funked-up art perfectly. 
She's my go-to for it ALL." - Eloise -
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